Complete list of Features

Image Description
Features Starter Business Business Plus
Send Messages
Push Notification - YES YES
InApp Notification - - YES
Marketing Automation
Triggered Campaigns YES YES YES
Life Cycle Campaigns - YES YES
Opti Campaigns - - YES
Data Refresh Rate Daily Hourly Real Time
Basic Analytics YES YES YES
Funnels - YES YES
Cohorts - YES YES
User 360 Deg - - YES
Custom Analytics - - YES
Segment Dashboard YES YES YES
Device Segments YES YES YES
Realtime Segments YES YES YES
Export and Import Segments - YES YES
Activity Segments - - YES
Behavioral Segments - - YES
Downloading Reports YES YES YES
Scheduled Reports - YES YES
Customer Reports - - YES
KPI Dashboard
Dashboards 5 20 Unlimited
PDF Downloads - YES YES
Advanced Analytics
Business Insights - YES YES
Business Trends - YES YES
Churn Prediction - YES YES
Anomaly Detection - - YES
Recommendations - - YES


OptiKPI is a tool that allows you leverage your big data to track certain KPI to grow your business. Also it helps you to attract new users, predict their retention and offers to you automated AI business insights.
OptiKPI is useful tool for everyone, from small start up with only one mobile software game to big companies with few separate departments (customer marketing, retention programs and so on). The most important that you care about your users and would like to retain them! And OptiKPI will help you in it.
  • 1. Attraction of new users - OptiKPI helps you to communicate with them effectively, via sending them relevant offers
  • 2. Converting visitors to payable users - OptiKPI selects the most effective, targeting unique micro-segment of users, marketing actions for each group of customers to maximize the transaction frequency and amount of money they spend.
  • 3. Retention of users - OptiKPI generates system business insights that determine users who are on the way out and then suggest marketing actions, so you can deploy highly effective retention campaigns.
In a free-trial, all the features of the plan you have chosen are available to you for a period of one full month. You can choose to purchase a subscription any time during those period or at the end of the trial period.
At the end of the free trial, you can choose to subscribe. We will not delete any data relating to your account for a half of year after end of the trial, so, you can renew your subscription at any time.
Yes, you can easily change your subscription plan any time! To do that, you can contact our sales via email
You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing to our Sales: When you cancel your subscription, you can still use our services and features until the end of paid period. After that we will keep your data for free for half of year and you can renew your subscription easily.
We build long and valuable relationship with our customers; Only in long perspective and at least one year of data we can guarantee to you the best Business Insights, the best analysis of your data, user’s behavior etc. We proudly work to make your business more successful!
Please contact our Sales team via email First, we will start with short Skype conversation to overview your needs, your targets and how OptiKPI can help you to leverage your data. Then, we will use OptiKPI to access and consolidate your customer data and get your framework set up for use. We will organise first trainings for your team and you will be ready to grow your business!
Emails, SMS, InApp and WebPush campaigns created with OptiKPI will be delivered through Service Providers, for example Amazon, SendGrid, Mandrill, One Signal, Text Local etc. You should maintain a separate direct subscription with at least one service provider of your choice. There is no separate cost to managing these services in OptiKPI.