Valuable Reports

Clear understanding of players, what makes each one unique and what impacts their behavior, drives successful marketing campaigns. Collection, segmentation, analysis and driving insight from data are all key elements required to excel at retention marketing.


Determine exactly where users drop off. Funnels allow you to identify how players navigate on your website and where they drop off before reaching a conversion step.
Funnels help you answer critical questions such as:

  • Where are we losing most of our customers once they sign up?
  • How long do my users take to upgrade?
  • What do users do after losing first deposit?


Measure how many of your new users come back. Cohort analysis helps you understand and group users who have demonstrated a particular behavior on your website. Measure user engagement, retention or business metrics such as time to deposit.


Visualize how players navigate through your website and whole journey of users, so you can identify the optimal points to engage them to your website.

Analyze where your customers go before or after performing a specific action. Or follow their journey between two custom events to analyze the frequency of entries of an important marketing campaigns. For instance, analyze what players did after first come-in to view and deposit first time.