Unleash the Power of Real-time Marketing and Compliance Automation in Your iGaming Venture. Simplify data management, target player segments, drive personalized campaigns and journeys, automate reporting, and ensure seamless compliance.

Integrate OptiKPI with your workflow

We assist iGaming operators by improving their business performance and increasing operational efficiency through automation.


Centralized Data

Streamline your data from multiple sources into one platform for real-time insights on player events, customization, segmentation, and campaign optimization.


Player Segmentation

Customize segments effortlessly with OptiKPI's player segmentation. Mix and match events and attributes to meet your unique needs, or choose from our default segments.


Campaign Automation

Automate marketing campaigns and player journeys with OptiKPI's powerful campaign creation tool. Streamline efforts, save time, and trigger actions based on player behaviour.


Multi-Channel Orchestration

Maximize player reach through OptiKPI's seamless integration with diverse marketing channels: push notifications, SMS, email, back-office bonus configuration, telesales, and many more.


Compliance & Risk Control

Simplify compliance and risk management with OptiKPI's automation feature. Establish rules and automated processes for efficient compliance and risk control.


Real-time Insights

Choose campaign-specific metrics reporting or get real-time insights into your overall business performance through our customized dashboards.

Advantages in Partnering with OptiKPI

Introducing OptiKPI, the all-in-one platform for streamlined data, automated marketing, player journeys, compliance, bonuses, communications, and real-time insights. Boost your business performance and drive growth with limitless possibilities.

Live Data

OptiKPI ensures instant real-time data sync with your sources, enabling timely player outreach. Say goodbye to end-of-day or hours-long delays. Curate your player's journey from the very first moment they land on your site.

Rapid Onboarding

Say goodbye to lengthy integration processes. OptiKPI guarantees fast, efficient, and accurate integration, enabling you to hit the ground running and automate within weeks. Maximize productivity from day one with our swift implementation.

Unmatched Scalability

Our platform caters to startups, scale-ups and enterprises alike, while handling millions of players concurrently. We set the industry standard for reliability, stability, and uptime. Scale your business confidently with OptiKPI.

Cost Effective

OptiKPI provides transparent pricing and value-added services tailored to your needs. Grow your business without straining your budget, ensuring affordability every step of the way.

Flexible Integration

OptiKPI offers seamless integration with diverse data source structures. No need to manipulate your database – our platform adapts to your existing setup. Enjoy hassle-free integration and leverage your data as-is, saving time and effort.

Privacy & Security

Rest assured, OptiKPI securely stores and protects your data. We prioritize your customer's privacy by utilizing data anonymization techniques to comply with GDPR regulations. Your customer's data remains accessible exclusively to you while ensuring their personal information is safeguarded.


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