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5 Best Gaming Marketing Campaigns ever

Did all gaming platforms benefit? Of course not. With the surge in gaming participation, the competition between the gaming operators also took off to crazy heights. Those who took advantage of the situation managed to rise with the trend. Others, not so lucky. Countless gaming firms shut down during the pandemic, yet others cased in.


Since the age of empires, humans have always shown their deep appreciation for leisure games. Yes, it is well-known that people love spending time and money on leisure activities. Enter 2020, with the world abruptly shutting its doors to all sorts of public gatherings and leisure activities due to the You-Know-Who Virus. A massive void for entertainment at the comfort of the home opened up. Fast forward to 2021, with most of the fun still being curbed. What do you expect from people? Where would they reach out to vent their stress? Online games! Yes, people have chosen online games as their companions. Don’t trust us? We have statistics to back our claim. The online gaming industry grew at a 9% year-on-year growth until 2020. According to a survey published by Statista in May and June 2020 on the influence of the coronavirus outbreak on gaming, players' monthly spending on video games in the Asia Pacific region increased by 42% during the episode.

Did all gaming platforms benefit? Of course not. With the surge in gaming participation, the competition between the gaming operators also took off to crazy heights. Those who took advantage of the situation managed to rise with the trend. Others, not so lucky. Countless gaming firms shut down during the pandemic, yet others cased in.

OptiKPI is the industry leader in marketing gaming products to perfection. Our marketing automation software lets gaming operators like yourselves create the best marketing campaigns, period! All you have to do is integrate our state-of-the-art software into your business. Visit OptiKPI for more info.

Here are the 5 Best Marketing Campaigns for Gaming Ever by OptiKPI:

Welcome Campaign

A good player onboarding program gives you a significant edge over your competitors. We highly recommend you to read Best Player Onboarding strategies. Welcome campaigns are by far one of the most critical marketing campaign strategies. They act as a reception and let your players know that they have come to the right place. The signup process is the perfect opportunity for you as a gaming operator to establish your stance. Make sure to guide all your new users with love and care. With effective welcome campaigns, you can make new players feel at home with ease.

Activation Campaigns

So, you have successfully acquired new players for your platform; what next? Convert them into FTD first-time-depositor! Acquiring new players by and in itself is a huge accomplishment, but what is the use if your players are not activated? If there is a vast difference between your user registration and FTD rates, it means that you are in desperate need of an activation campaign.

OptiKPI’s Activation campaigns help you convert new players into first-time depositors with ease.

Example: Right after the Welcome campaign, track the FTD of new registrants (after 24 hours / 48 hours / 72 hours / one week). Combine multiple communication channels - Email, Push, and SMS to reach your players with different bonus offers. Build a complete Journey with OptiKPI to boost the conversion rate. Read more - Implementing an Activation Campaign in OptiKPI.

Target Marketing Campaigns

Don’t hope for hit-and-miss campaigns to bring in desired results. Strive for Target marketing! Read - Taking advantage of player behavior to understand Target marketing completely. Here, we would like to explain the importance and implementation of target marketing campaigns. These campaigns work best only when you know your target audience. It is a prerequisite that you have a good understanding of your players.

OptiKPI empowers you to understand your players by gathering player activities right from the very beginning. Know your player's favorite games, their gaming routine, and much more. Target them with personalized campaigns to achieve incredible ROI’s.


  • Based on the sum of FTD: Group your players into three tiers - High, Mid, and Low (based on their FTD sum). Thus, you can reach different levels of players with relevant offers. Read Campaign Flow for more details.
  • Based on favorite games: Identify your players' favorite games and send personalized offers based on those games. For example, Slot Games players = Slot Game special offers; Sports Book players = Sports Book special offers.

Stop-Loss for Churn Campaigns

The number one enemy to any growing business is its high churn rates. You have to understand that churning cannot be wholly eradicated but to succeed in the long run, you need to bring your churn rate under control.

How to control churn rates? Churn prevention campaigns are your best bet. With OptiKPI’s assistance, you can break the churn cycles that hinder your progress. OptiKPI helps you to create a meaningful connection with your players. Read 9 highly effective churn rate prevention strategies for preventing churn like a pro!

Reactivation Campaigns

What will you do when a player leaves your gaming site/ app? Try getting them back! But how? Reactivation Campaigns. Successfully getting ex-players back into your platform fetches you more than what meets the eye. It comes with numerous cost-cutting benefits such as not needing to spend large sums on player acquisition, educating them about your games, etc.

OptiKPI makes the seemingly impossible possible! With solid reactivation campaigns, you can make inactive players, active and ex-players, loyal. Identify the moments that matter and deploy necessary actions in real-time with our software.

Example: When a player is inactive for more than a week, send an automated gentle reminder email with a special bonus on the player’s favorite game. If the player is inactive for two months - send super good exclusive offers (Play Now!) to reactivate the player. Want to save players who are about to drop? We prepare the article for you, please have a look - Real-time Bonus offers for players who are about to drop.

All of the above campaigns are automated and run in real-time.

A summary about OptiKPI

OptiKPI is a marketing automation platform created exclusively to promote online gaming products through a sustainable marketing approach. Compliance, marketing, and risk management are the three main elements of OptiKPI. By utilizing player data, it assists gaming platforms in building a long-term brand and client lifetime value. OptiKPI helps deploy relevant messages to the right players at the right time with its all-around real-time automation engine. It is a flexible and easy-to-integrate software that provides solutions right away to all your gaming marketing needs.

Why OptiKPI? We reach the root of the cause and provide you with the right marketing solutions.