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5 Effective Stages of Marketing Funnel for Gaming Operators.

Deploying such marketing funnels are the real deal when it comes to successful campaigns. In this article, we will help you understand the fundamentals of a marketing funnel and how to deploy them more effectively.

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What is the secret ingredient for a successful marketing campaign? There are multiple constituents that make up a great campaign. But among those, there lies one of the most efficient ingredients - “The Marketing Funnels”. A smart marketing funnel will help you track where your players are, how likely they are to engage in your games, and what you need to do to persuade them to convert.

Deploying such marketing funnels are the real deal when it comes to successful campaigns. In this article, we will help you understand the fundamentals of a marketing funnel and how to deploy them more effectively.

Marketing a gaming product is an art and those who master the technique lead the industry. But as a gaming operator, you are not supposed to possess supreme marketing expertise because it is not your duty. Hence, we at OptiKPI have crafted a unique marketing automation product that takes care of all your marketing requisites, read more to find out about it.

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Gaming Operators Growth
Gaming Operators Growth
increase in Unique Depositors
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

What is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a conceptual model that depicts the many phases of a customer's journey. It starts with brand awareness and concludes with leads becoming customers (players). Although the actual number of phases differs by industry, they all reflect the same process: Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Decision, and Retention.

An efficiently constructed funnel will aptly reveal: which of these phases lose the most players, whether your conversion routes are appropriately optimized, and whether players are moving through their journey as planned.

Perks of integrating Funnel Marketing:

    • Strong connectivity: A marketing funnel is an effective method for communicating with existing and potential customers at every stage of the player journey. It explains how to effectively connect with them at every level of the sales funnel and successfully move them further.
      OptiKPI specializes in connectivity, it empowers you to intervene in every stage of the player journey and adjust the course as per your wish. Thus boosting your connectivity with your players efficiently.
    • Branding: Brands speak for themselves. You can increase the traffic on your gaming platform with ease by building a strong brand name. You can leverage funnels to find out the exact location of your players in the sales funnel and send them personalized relevant messages to engage them effectively. This will help you in gaining their trust and demonstrate your industry authority.
      OptiKPI is an AI-boosted automated marketing software that knows what it does (it strives only for the best). It sends out only the most relevant messages to the relevant people and in real-time. With OptiKPI’s sustainable marketing approach you can build a brand in the long-run.
    • Conversion: A marketing funnel directs you through the steps necessary to nurture leads to the point where they are contemplating engaging in your games. You'll know how to connect with potential players and persuade them to take action.
      To convert freshly enrolled players into first-time depositors, gaming operators need a high level of awareness as well as large-scale real-time executions. Easily one of the best marketing automation software for gaming in boosting conversion rate is OptiKPI.
    • Increase customer LTV (LifeTime Value): A funnel's ultimate purpose is to convert leads into long-term loyal players. Over time, loyal players will make additional in-game purchases, boosting their lifetime value.
      OptiKPI is a marketing solution designed specifically for online gambling and sports betting businesses that value a holistic perspective of customer behaviours through data (including compliance, marketing, and risk management) as well as a sustainable approach to customer LTV.

5 effective stages of your Marketing Funnel for the Gaming Industry:

1. Awareness:

This is the initial stage of the marketing funnel, sometimes referred to as the top of the funnel. At this point, the public is unaware that your gaming platform exists, and your goal is to spread the word about it as much as possible so that more players become aware of it. Because gamers spend the majority of their time online, it's critical to leverage digital media to help them get more familiar with your game.

OptiKPI will help you deliver relevant content to provide your target consumers with knowledge and direction. How exactly does OptiKPI effectively accomplish the awareness stage? Create promotional campaigns for spreading awareness, OptiKPI will deliver the messages to the relevant audience at the right time.

2. Interest:

You must convert knowledge into interest once people are aware of your gaming platform. They must understand how your games meet their requirements. They want to be amused, and you must convince them that your games will deliver exactly what they are looking for.

The email addresses of potential customers can be obtained as a result of your marketing activities. Include these individuals in your email campaign with the help of OptiKPI. Send them updates on your games as well as newsletters to keep them engaged.

OptiKPI will help gaming operators to track the activities of their players in real-time. With such a powerful feature one can employ efficient strategies to improve the performance of their gaming business. For example: You can find the favorite games of a player and send promotional push notifications relevant to his favorite game. Strategies like these will boost your marketing ROI drastically.

3. Consideration:

When potential leads progress past the interest stage, they reach the consideration stage. This is where you develop your bond and make them fall in love with your gaming platform. At this stage of the funnel, OptiKPI empowers you to analyze user behavior and come up with unique marketing approaches.

Player behavior is critical to a gaming operator's profitability, and unraveling the enigma of "why players do what they do" is a million-dollar question. To make a game compelling, we first need to understand the psychology of the players. Track players based on their behavior and craft custom marketing strategies with OptiKPI.

4. First-time deposit:

When you've persuaded a potential player that your game is worthwhile, it's time to persuade them to take action. At this point in the marketing funnel, you should explain to your players why playing your game is the best option and how simple it is to do so through your website or other platforms. You must persuade them to pick you over the competition, which you may accomplish by emphasizing what makes your game unique.

The importance of first-time deposit rates (FTDs) cannot be overstated; a gaming platform's success, in the long run, is directly proportional to its growing FTDs. OptiKPI will make sure that you get the best conversion rates.

5. Retention:

When a lead turns into a player, you'll need a strategy for keeping their interests for the long haul. You want to attract paying players to your gaming community and keep them coming back for more. Since acquiring a new player is quite expensive, a good retention strategy can help you keep in touch with your consumers and strengthen their loyalty.

Customers are a company's most precious asset, and the online gaming sector is no exception. Player engagement, satisfaction, and timely retention are critical components of a gaming platform's success. OptiKPI is the best marketing automation software to boost your iGaming platform’s retention rate through the roof.

Why OptiKPI?

Before becoming loyal fans of your gaming platform, players must pass through all of the above phases. In order to ensure that the bulk of your leads converts into paying players, you'll need specialized techniques for each stage. OptiKPI lets you accomplish exactly that! Marketing funnels are best employed with our powerful engines. You never have to worry about all of the complicated components to a successful Marketing funnel when you have integrated OptiKPI into your gaming platform. The software only requires your gaming data, and with just a few clicks you are loaded with all the crucial information on your business and marketing campaign performance. You can choose any of your preferred visual tools (Funnel, Bar chart, Pie chart, Metrics, etc).

With a such crisp and clear crucial information, you can create marketing campaigns right away. Target audiences on every level of the funnel and deliver personalized relevant messages. Every action in OptiKPI is carried out in real-time, thus you get an extra edge in convincing your potential players at the right time. Easily connect with your audience through multiple channels such as Email, Push Notifications, Web Push, and SMS. All of your marketing campaigns are automated, hence, you won’t ever require manual resources to handle repetitive tasks (more power to you).

Since we have extensive experience in the Gaming Industry, we possess first-hand knowledge of all your day-to-day challenges. OptiKPI is built to perfection. You can contact our technical team anytime and get your very own custom requirements fulfilled. We empower gaming operators to take advantage of their data and craft laser-focused marketing campaigns. To know more about us, book a free demo today at