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Actions. Why do we need it?

OptiKPI is exclusively designed for boosting Online Gaming Platforms Marketing through the roof with precise automated Actions.

Actions. Why do we need it

With real-time Actions in the arsenal, you can always stay on your toes and reach out to your players in the right moment. For example: If a player is in the process of making a deposit but fails to complete the transaction, you can step into the scene with the help of OptiKPI’s real-time automation & reach out to that specific player and provide the necessary service to help him complete the transaction successfully.

With built-in automations you can engage your players via multiple channels such as SMS / Email / Push notifications and send them highly personalised messages in the right time without even blinking an eye. For example: you can greet all your new players personally with a special welcome offer through automated emails with the help of OptiKPI and convert them into First time Depositors instantly.

OptiKPI supports custom automations, with the help of our real time engine you can design personalised Actions as per your requirements.