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Bonuses in real-time: automated and based on player's behaviour

Bonuses have become an integral ammo for gaming operators who desire a steady engagement from their players.

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The online gaming industry is a highly competitive space with dozens of leading platforms fighting for the top spot and to compete against such fierce competition, one needs a solid marketing strategy. Bonuses have become an integral ammo for gaming operators who desire a steady engagement from their players. Not long ago, bonuses were unheard of but as the industry progressed, the competition too. The gaming operators are now pushed into shelling out tons of money on bonuses and offers to secure their spot on top.

Why are Bonuses an integral part of online gaming?

In order to build a loyal customer base, the gaming operators have taken upon the task to load their customers with coupons. Nowadays, it has become a norm in the gaming industry to offer bonuses on a regular basis, it helps them to capture their audience's attention and it in turn reflects positively on the business. A gaming brand’s success is built upon a solid marketing foundation, attractive promotional campaigns are a prerequisite for attracting and retaining good traffic.

There are a number of successful gaming brands out there that spends more on their marketing than on what they spent on building their product. Marketing really makes that huge difference - the more effective the promotions the more profitable. Bonuses equip the operators with the power to penetrate the market and reach customers.

Gaming Operators Growth
Gaming Operators Growth
increase in Unique Depositors
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

What is a real-time bonus?

Real-time bonuses are the bonus offers that are sent to players right in the moment of heat, a great marketing automation software picks up cues when he is onto something and delivers a relevant bonus thus increasing the odds in the business’s favor. Real-time bonuses when put into effect will help a gaming platform deploy their best offers at the right time to the right audience thus accomplishing incredible ROI’s.

How effective are bonuses based on player behavior?

The very need for sending out bonuses is to engage your players at the highest level and bonuses based on player behavior helps the operators to truly take it up a notch. Player behavior is a term used in the gaming industry to define the characteristics of a player / gamer. For example: the data collected on a player will help us categorize him into different segments, each and every activity performed by him is now being closely monitored in real-time, this data will help us profile him. Player profiles help us deliver him the most relevant contents in the best of times.

What are the types of bonuses?

Following are some of the major types of bonuses in the gaming industry:

Bulk bonus - We use the term bulk bonus to categorize the types of bonuses that are sent commonly to everyone. For example, the same “Welcome Bonus” is sent to all the newly registered players.

Unique bonus - This is a type of bonus that is sent to selected individuals - a tailor made bonus is delivered to a player when he satisfies a certain requirement, these bonuses can be used only once. For example, Netflix unique codes are sent as a gift to all the players who have birthdays on that day.

Product bonus - These types of bonuses are usually the products of respective platforms or casinos. For example, the casinos send free spins as a bonus to their players.

Money bonus - All bonuses that involve cash rewards are termed as Money bonus. For example, deposit bonus offers like, deposit $10 and get $10 dollars Free.

Following are an in-depth classification of the types of bonuses:

Sign Up Bonus

The industry has witnessed tremendous development, with numerous new online casinos entering the market in only a few short years following its beginning, boosting competition and enabling the need for casinos to separate themselves from one another. While there were not many providers to select from at the time, the sign-up incentive, also known as the welcome bonus, was initially established to accomplish exactly that.

The fundamental principles of sign up bonuses have been consistent throughout history, and their actual meaning is that a player deposits a small sum of money initially and is paid with a bonus that is typically equal to or larger than their deposit amount.

Free Spins

A free spin is one spin of a reel that does not need payment. If the casino provides you ten free spins, you can spin ten times on a certain slot machine without paying, and any winnings are added to your account. This is especially impressive given that some casinos provide no deposit incentives in the form of free spins. However, any gains from free spins bonuses are subject to wagering restrictions.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are highly popular, and they are given on future deposits. Some sites provide reloads to all clients on their initial deposit of the month or week, whilst others only offer them to customers who meet specified conditions.

Loyalty/VIP Scheme

Most sites also include a loyalty programme or a VIP programme. These function by paying you based on your gaming activities. Rewards may simply be cash paid to your account, or you may be able to earn things like unique hospitality at sporting events, concert tickets, or products.

The well being of your players should always be considered when planning out any and all promotional activities. Strive for an environment that promotes responsible gaming, bonus offers can be personalised as per individual player behavior to make sure that the right offers reach the right people. When players are on a losing streak and refuse to take a break, step in and let them know about the situation. Build a brand that genuinely cares for their players, successfully integrate compliance and responsible gaming into your marketing.

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The Best Marketing Automation Software for Gaming: OptiKPI

OptiKPI is a gaming marketing automation platform that has achieved the art of promotional marketing like none other, it is the best software that challenges the traditional marketing by automating every required moves along the chain. Start from scratch - create bonuses based on player behavior, test run the promotions, edit them and deliver them via multiple marketing channels in real-time (all under one roof).

We provide you an easy to create and deployable workstation for bonuses, choose any of the marketing channels that you wish to access and deliver all the promotional bonuses with ease. You can automate all the above processes and eliminate the indulgence of manual laboring altogether, increased team productivity and revenue uplift is a given.

OptiKPI can be readily implemented as a marketing tool into a gaming platform in four weeks and is highly user-friendly. Every campaign may be modified and automated in real time. OptiKPI promises uncompromised service with global customer support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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