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What is the most efficient Email Marketing for the Gaming industry?

Sending out commercial messages to a large group of people via email is considered email marketing. Emails can be sent in various formats for promoting a product or service to all potential and current customers. Email marketing is considered to be one of the best forms of marketing.

email marketing for gaming industry

What is the most efficient Email Marketing for the Gaming industry?

Want to know everything about email marketing and how it can help your gaming business? Do you know the best strategies for improving the quality of your email marketing? Want to get your hands on automated software to solve all your marketing worries?

If you’re planning on launching email marketing campaigns for your online gaming business or looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of your already existing ones, you have to come to the right place!

We will help you better understand the depths of email marketing and let you know some of the best strategies that you can put into effect straight away. And as an additional bonus, we will provide you with an automation platform that is exclusively designed for the gaming industry for solving all your marketing needs!

Understanding the basics of email marketing will help you envision effective marketing campaigns for your business.

Gaming Operators Growth
Gaming Operators Growth
increase in Unique Depositors
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

What is email marketing?

Sending out commercial messages to a large group of people via email is considered email marketing. Emails can be sent in various formats for promoting a product or service to all potential and current customers. Email marketing is considered to be one of the best forms of marketing.

What are the different types of email marketing?

  1. Email Newsletters: are emails that reach an audience on a timely basis with information such as news, updates, or any kind of promotions about a product or service. Businesses use these newsletters to communicate with their customers about their current stand. Newsletters are a great tool for online gaming operators to showcase their catalog of games on a weekly or monthly basis. If you want your brand to stay on top of your players' minds, keep pushing your newsletters toward their inboxes.
  2. Welcome Emails: are a type of greetings that a company hands out via emails to all the newly onboarded customers. The welcome emails may contain any form of further promotional agendas or just a friendly greeting that helps build a strong relationship with the customers, Gaming operators can use this strategy to welcome all the newly registered players and attach an exclusive first time deposit bonus offer to motivate the players.
  3. Authorization Email: are otp mails that are sent to the customers in order for the verification process. Usually, these emails are used by gaming operators when a new player registers on their platform - an authorization email is automatically sent to the new player with an otp, the player has to enter the otp on the platform for completing his registration.
  4. Event Email: are those types of emails that are sent to the users when a certain event or function occurs. Gaming operators can use these emails to connect with their players when a particular activity is performed by them, we’ll see the usage of such mails further down the line.
  5. Tutorial Email: are sent to the customers to spread awareness about a particular product or service and empower them with hands-on usage. Gaming businesses can integrate these types of emails into their marketing model for educating their players about their games with a how to play guide.
  6. Review Requests: can be sent via email to all the customers who had an interaction with your brand. With these types of emails you can request for an honest opinion about their experience, it will help a brand to better understand customers.
  7. Receipt Emails: are sent to customers after a successful transaction, these mails carry order confirmations that help provide a better service. It can be used as a medium for cross promotion and upselling - discount coupons/ offers can be included in these emails.
  8. Limited offer Email : helps businesses to grab the attention of their customers. These types of emails consist of promotions that come with an expiry, for example: an offer that will be effective only for 24 hrs.
  9. Re-engagement Emails : are used to connect with those customers who have become inactive, these emails are usually sent with quotes such as “We miss You”, “Come Back”, etc in order to get them back.

Why is email marketing important for Gaming Industry?

Email marketing provides a reliable medium to gaming operators, it helps them to stay connected with their players and engage them effectively. A specific group or individual players can be targeted with the help of email marketing, and sending highly personalized messages for maintaining great relationships can be achieved via emails. Emails have the ability to reach customers in a more formal way, an email reaches a customer's inbox without fail, unlike other mediums.

Players can be regularly entertained via emails - once a rapport is established between a gaming brand and the players, a solid customer base can be achieved. The gaming industry has seen enormous growth in the past few years and with the lockdown era it has risen multifold, the competition among the operators is also at an all-time high hence it is important for gaming platforms to establish a solid marketing structure - email marketing has empowered them with the necessary tools for doing it effectively!

Best strategies for effective email marketing for Online Gaming Businesses

1. Understanding your customer base

People of all ages play online games, whether 5 or 50 - each has their part in the online gaming industry. But, it is of utmost importance that a gaming operator understands his specific demographics that participate more than the rest of the population. This will help us to better understand the customer base, the demographics can be segmented based on - age, gender, income, education, etc. With such an in-depth analysis, we can now target those customer segmentation that produce the maximum profits - email campaigns can be designed to target such bases individually as per their interests.

2. Find key motivating factors

After understanding your customer base, the next step is to identify the key motivating factors that successfully get a constructive response. Identifying these will help you engage your audiences with effective emails with a call to action that gets the job done consecutively. Online gaming businesses can boost their marketing ROI tremendously if such a systematic approach is carried out.

3. Deliver Emails at peak hours

We strongly urge you to do some digging to analyze the patterns and study the activities of your players to find out peak hours - the most active time of the day when gamers are most active on your gaming sites/ apps. Trust us, the results may surprise you, most of the gamers on your platforms may tend to defy your expectations big time. The psychology of players may vary depending on various factors and you can use those to your advantage with a little bit of understanding. Leverage time to your advantage - find out the highest click-through rate (CTR) based on email delivery time and create a schedule to push emails on such hours. Do some experimenting and learn the tricks of the trade!

4. Send emails in real-time

Send out emails at the right time, and deliver a swift response or reaction in real-time. This creates an immense value unlocking - your platform will stand out from the rest of the competition with high-level real-time marketing campaigns. The players feel the warmth of your service then and there, with real-time emails, you can cater to all the needs of gamers. Connect with your players round the clock, understand their pulse, and deliver relevant messages via emails to create a strong bond.

5. Offer deals that are hard to pass

The success of an online gaming business rests on multiple pillars - one such support is attained by shelling out some of the best offers to your loyal customers. Give timely discounts and exclusive offers to beat the market and claim your players time and again. You can build a strong relationship with your players by providing exclusive incentives via emails - introduce them to a whole new catalog of games, appreciate their loyalty by creating a point system and give them back. Upselling and cross-promotions can be effectively integrated into your marketing system with the help of this email strategy.


6. Empower them with knowledge

Gamers will forever seek ways to improve their skills, it’s like evolution, they try to get their hands on - informative guides, tips, tricks or facts to help them stay on top of their game. It is an intelligent move if you understand the needs of your players and provide them with the necessary information via emails. It can be anything, ranging from - pro interviews, tutorial videos, etc. This will help you to retain your players to your platform and keep them away from your rivals.

7. Add Creativity

Providing great entertainment to help players relax and enjoy will take your gaming business to the next level. Creative promotions have a long lasting impact - instead of sending out daily news try adding a touch of creativity in all your emails. Shuffle and send out entertaining contents such as informative articles, personal messages or relevant offers on their favourite games.

8. Avoid Spam

It is of utmost importance that the gaming operators avoid spamming players inbox with irrelevant messages, spamming will cause a huge dent in marketing endeavors down the line. Email marketing plays a major role in a gaming business’s success, hence it is important that you pay attention to all the emails that you send. Targeting audiences based on their behavior will help you avoid getting spammed, constantly monitor the engagement rates of each email and optimize your strategies. Choose a partner who helps you reach your players without fail, make sure they provide services such as - behavioral targeting, real-time emails, automated messages, data analytics, 24/7 support.

9. Completely automate every process

Automation is the real deal, rather than spending heavy budgets and time on resources, try to separate yourself from the day to day marketing tasks, it will help you shift your focus on the business end where your presence is necessary. Let a machine do all the marketing tasks for you, automate all your email campaigns - avoid manual errors, improve player engagement, behavioral targeting, real-time service and much more. Automate your email marketing to get the best out of your campaigns.

How to integrate an highly effective email marketing system into your gaming business

OptiKPI - The complete marketing solution for the Gaming Industry. OptiKPI is an exclusive marketing automation platform that is built to handle all marketing needs. With years of experience in the industry, our experts have created a state of the art marketing automation software that elevates your position in the market. Email marketing has never been more effective, all you need to do is set the triggers and let our platform take care of the rest.

Automation - Never lay a finger again on the send buttons, a single action is enough for delivering millions of emails to multiple segments of players.

Real-time - Our engine is powered with real time response AI software, we take care of all services, welcome a new player, send out relevant offers, address a problem, you name it - everything is taken care of.

Data analytics - Get all the reports of your marketing campaigns instantly, analyse the results - emails sent, delivered, opened. Understand the pulse of your players and act accordingly.

OptiKPI can be easily integrated into a Gaming platform as a marketing automation tool in a span of four weeks and is extremely user-friendly. Any and all campaigns can be customized and automated in real-time. With 24/7 customer support from around the globe OptiKPI guarantees uncompromised service.