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Online Gaming Marketing

The online gaming industry has seen an enormous increase in its traffic post Covid19. The need for adventure, entertainment and thrill within the comfort of one’s home has paved the way for a bright future in the gaming industry.

online gaming marketing

The online gaming industry has evolved into a more significant entity than it ever was. Unlike in the past, gamers are now from various demographics. There seems to be no age or gender barrier. Gamers today include the likes of athletes, older women, lone rangers, or just about any human being looking for entertainment.

The industry has seen an enormous increase in traffic during the Covid19 pandemic. The need for adventure, entertainment, and thrill within the comfort of one’s home paved the way for a bright future for the gaming industry. Due to the surge in demand for games, the competition among gaming providers is at an all-time high. There are tons of games in the market, ranging from free-to-play games to real money games, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and many more.

The quality of your gaming product alone won’t help you succeed in the industry; marketing is the key!

Gaming Operators Growth
gaming operators growth
increase in Unique Depositors
increase unique depositors
Decrease in Churn
churn rate
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

Following are some of the best Digital marketing approaches to include in your business.

The importance of SEO in the Gaming industry

Marketers use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve user engagement and brand visibility. Work on SEO to boost organic traffic to your site. It helps you construct strong brand awareness and attract good leads.

Creating quality content with specific keywords drives immense traffic. Understanding the targeted audience will enable you to deliver games effectively. Reach millions of people without having to spend tons of money on marketing.

Be the next big thing in the gaming domain! Gamers constantly look up news about their favorite games, new tricks, hacks, or recommendations from trusted sources. The key here is to create content based on their interests and promote your games with its help. Leverage social media and dive deeper into the wormhole to drive traffic toward your platform. Target gaming forums to penetrate the gaming community, write interesting articles and answer popular questions.

What is In-Play Advertising?

In-Play Advertising is a marketing method in which Ads are placed programmatically within game scenes. Promote your product via in-play advertising. Target users when they’re immersed in a game by presenting Ads during such moments. In-play advertising helps you reach wider audiences.

Combat Online Gaming Marketing Challenges

Find where the root of the trouble lies. OptiKPI helps you analyze your marketing campaign's success/failure rate to the atom. Find out what works and what does not. It will help you stay on top of the industry in the long run!

Dynamic player habits and player behaviour

Understand player habits to deliver the best version of your product in front of their eyes and retain their attention. These days players switch seamlessly across various devices; hence they become fragmented. Understand the behavior of your players with the help of OptiKPI’s behavioral targeting features to get them hooked on your platform.

Gamers are well informed

We are in the digital era; the news seems to travel faster than light with the advent of smartphones. People are aware of what they are consuming. When a game seems substandard, bad reviews reach millions of ears within no time, causing damage to that game's reputation. What's bad? If a rival releases a better version of the same game, you’re done for. Hence it is of utmost importance that you constantly lookout for ways to improve your game and marketing strategies accordingly.

Leverage your knowledge

The most effective online gaming marketing strategy is creating a connection with your audience in the most engaging way. You can easily overcome hurdles with a more profound understanding and insights into the industry's core. Leverage your knowledge to gain the upper hand over your competitors. Deploy strategies that yield better results and update your expertise with the latest trends.


Rising women gamers

Today, around 45% of the total gaming population are women. Gaming firms need to address this severe change in the paradigm shift and create marketing partnerships to capture increasing women's participation.

Brand Integrity

As an online game developer or operator, it’s essential to understand the value of social consciousness. According to studies, approximately 90% of gamers switch between brands based on their charity efforts. Understanding that more users gravitate towards such inspirational partnerships makes you gain the upper hand in the gaming industry. Partner with responsible influencers to get your intentions out there and let your audience know you care.

The bottom line

Building a brand is the key to promoting your gaming business.

OptiKPI empowers you to create a sustainable brand:

OptiKPI is a marketing automation platform built for gaming operators. Bring your marketing and compliance data into one user-friendly and intuitive interface to optimize all your marketing campaigns. Increase team productivity and attain overall revenue uplift in real-time.

We understand the day-to-day grind in marketing; hence introduced automation features on all actions. We help you eliminate the need for manual labor in all your marketing tasks. Effective communication; connect with your players via multiple channels (push notifications, web push, email & SMS.) Engage users in real-time. Reach out to your players at the most appropriate times and deliver relevant messages to create an excellent user experience.

OptiKPI offers a complete solution for all your marketing needs. Improve your player acquisition, boost retention and reduce churn. You name it; address every marketing need comprehensively with OptiKPI. We have established a sustainable solution using advanced tech to focus on player behavior, segmentation, journey, real-time automation, and more.

Instead of sticking a customer’s first name in the subject line of every message, create dynamic content that best suits every customer. Reach your players during any part of their journey and influence them. Custom design users' life cycle to increase their LTV. Convert prospects into loyal customers and build a brand with a steady and sustainable marketing approach.