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SMS Marketing for Online Gaming

SMS stands for Short Message Service. SMS marketing is sending out promotional campaigns in text messages (SMS) for marketing purposes. These messages usually deliver offers, updates, or alerts to customers. Also, OTP’s are widely sent via SMS for authentication purposes.

sms marketing for online gaming

How is SMS used in marketing?

Promotions are compiled into short messages to hook customers when it reaches their device. Marketers use SMS service providers to send promo messages in huge quantities. A call to action is attached to urge the customers to act. Read 6 Highly Effective Call to Action Buttons for iGames to master CTA’s.

The SMS service providers usually only cover specific locations. You can opt for any of the best SMS service providers under your jurisdiction and use our marketing automation platform OptiKPI to automate the whole SMS marketing operation. Thus, you can deploy effective SMS marketing campaigns without any issues.`

OptiKPI will assist gaming operators in lead generation, player segmentation, target marketing, multi-channel messaging, journey building, and campaign result analysis; complete marketing automation under one roof!

Gaming Operators Growth
Gaming Operators Growth
increase in Unique Depositors
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

What are the benefits of using SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is an important medium for any business, following are some of the benefits of using SMS for marketing:

  • Instant engagementCustomers engage immediately with SMS. It adds a personal touch to the marketing. The read rate is above 97% within 15 mins of delivery. SMS campaigns generate a successful ROI of more than 45% and more than 50% when combined with other channels. We can personalize SMS; addressing users by their name will improve conversion rates.
  • User FriendlyOne of the essential elements to marketing success is connecting with customers. Since SMS is a mobile-friendly medium, we can easily reach customers. SMS marketing is a vital user-friendly asset.
  • Broad ReachAlmost all of your customers have a cell phone device. Deploy SMS marketing to widen your reach. SMS proves to be the best medium for reaching all demographics.
  • No filtersThe primary reason for the increasing popularity of SMS marketing is, it does not have the risk of spam and filters like emails. SMS can establish a direct and personalized connection with the target recipient.
  • Increase in customer retention : SMS marketing is a proven method for attracting customers; it helps you build a loyal customer base. Sending out important updates and promotional offers right into a customer's personal space leads to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Marketing via SMS is expensive, but the results are highly effective. Since SMS is a costly form of promotion, we need to make it more efficient. Let’s look at it later.

SMS marketing for Online Gaming

Online gaming is a highly competitive industry; solid marketing strategies are necessary for survival. Your marketing should add value to players and the platform. SMS is a well-established communication channel between both parties. Hence, it is one of the best ways to reach your players. Leverage SMS marketing to boost the performance of your gaming business.

The first 24 hours is the most crucial window for converting newly registered players into First Time Depositors (FTD). The player's interest will gradually evaporate if the operator fails to reach him on time. SMS helps gaming operators to connect with players quickly. Thus SMS marketing strategies produce optimal results.

Following are some of the ways that you can use SMS marketing:

  • Welcome newly registered players by sending greetings : When a new user joins your platform, send a personalized welcome message to engage him right away.
  • Convert just registered users into first time depositors : Sending FTD bonus offers via SMS right after the registration will yield higher conversions. If a player wishes not to use the offer, send a different promo to convince him.
  • Send Tournament notifications and related links.
  • Reactivate players who are not active on your platform with unique offers.

How to effectively use SMS marketing in the Gaming industry

Using SMS for marketing is one thing, but improving its effectiveness is an entirely different story. Since SMS marketing is expensive, gaming operators must optimize it to cut expenses. It becomes increasingly profitable when the ROI improves. Adopt the following strategies to boost your SMS marketing performance:

Automate SMS marketing

Completely automate SMS marketing to enhance the performance of multiple campaigns simultaneously. Automation will help you save time and resources. It removes the need for repetitive manual tasks, thus establishing an error-free environment.

For example, Automate the Welcome campaign. Send automated welcome messages with FTD offers via SMS to all the newly registered users.

Targeting based on behavior

Target marketing is the best approach. It yields better conversions while reducing marketing costs to a bare minimum. To drastically increase marketing ROI, combine SMS with target marketing. Gaming operators can leverage existing user data for running target marketing campaigns.

For example, Segment your players based on their gaming activities to find their favorite games. Send out promotional offers only on those games to improve ROI.

The best marketing automation software for the gaming industry:

OptiKPI is an exclusive marketing automation platform designed only for the gaming industry. Combined with the power of AI and automation, it can boost your gaming business performance within a short period. Our personalized messaging features empower you to connect with your players more effectively. Our behavioral marketing strategies will help you grab players' interest and target their motivation.

OptiKPI can be easily integrated into a Gaming platform as a marketing tool within four weeks. It is highly user-friendly. All campaigns can be customized and automated to run in real-time. With 24/7 customer support from around the globe, OptiKPI guarantees uncompromised service.