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6 Highly Effective Call to Action Buttons for iGames

Call to Action Buttons are one of those elements that help you stand out from your competitors. OptiKPI enables you to completely take charge and deploy CTA’s in the most effective ways.

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People love customizations so much that they expect a personalized experience in every aspect of their life. As you know, the iGaming industry is a jungle; it is a perfect example of the phrase, "Survival of the fittest." Only the strongest survive here! Roughly every year, dozens of online gaming businesses shut their doors. The primary reason is their inability to meet the demands of their players. And to add salt to the wound, their players become regular at one of their rivals' platforms. You don't want to end up in such a position, do you?

There are multiple aspects that let one thrive in the iGaming business let alone withstand. One such strong asset is having a well-established marketing system in place that you can trust even on your worst days. In fact, a strong marketing foundation cements your longevity and success in the long run. By bringing in all the required elements, OptiKPI helps you accomplish exactly that! It provides a sustainable approach to marketing your gaming business.

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Call to Action Buttons are one of those elements that help you stand out from your competitors. OptiKPI enables you to ultimately take charge and deploy CTA's in the most effective ways. Before getting in-depth, let us first understand CTA.

Gaming Operators Growth
Gaming Operators Growth
increase in Unique Depositors
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

What is a Call to Action Button (CTA)?

A call to action or simply CTA are button attached along with promotional messages; it tells your visitors what to do once they view your content. CTA's usually help businesses direct their visitors towards the first step in the buyer's journey.

OptiKPI empowers you to use CTA's most efficiently. Our marketing automation software creates customer journeys from scratch and guides your players in the directions you wish.

Why do you Need Strong Call to Action Buttons in the iGaming Business?

In the iGaming industry, grabbing the attention of potential players and driving them into the customer journey assembly is the real deal. CTA's are the best ways to accomplish the above processes effectively. The gaming operators are equipped with CTA to quickly grab players from the open market and their competition. If you have not integrated CTA's into your marketing system, we highly recommend getting it done. Once you have got CTA's under your wings, carefully implement the following strategies to stand out from your competitors.

6 Highly Effective Call to Action Buttons

1. Understand your players

Players don't like receiving irrelevant content that they deem undesirable. Therefore, it is your responsibility to understand the requirements of your players and send out relevant promotional messages. Step one of a good CTA is to create a more substantial impact by using the right words that appeal to your players. Grab your players' attention in a short span and lead them to take action.

OptiKPI will help you understand your players like never before. It is a marketing automation software loaded with tools that will help you deliver the most relevant content to your players based on their behavior.

2. Effective Action words

The mission of a CTA is to push visitors to take desired actions. Don't beat around the bush; use adequate action words. Use strong action verbs in your content such as Unlock, Join, Start, Begin, Deposit, and Play.

3. Provide value

Have a deep understanding of your players and strive to provide value. When people feel valued, they tend to engage more! You can increase your conversions multifold by delivering relevant and personalized attractive content. Don't have a plain button in your CTA's that looks unappealing to your players. Instead, engage them "Play games for free, only for you!".

OptiKPI has an advanced marketing tool that helps gaming operators deploy messages based on individual player behavior. To know more about it, read this article: Taking advantage of player behavior.

4. Have an expiry on whatever you offer

Always pack your offers with an expiry date. Urgency helps you increase the value of what you provide. Include words like "Hurry" and "Expires soon" to grab your players' attention. If possible, play with countdown timers and track the conversion rates. Strictly follow the timing and close the offers when time is due. It helps you uphold the standards.

With OptiKPI, you can automate every offer and promo that you design. Campaigns can be created, edited, deployed, tested, and studied under one roof.

5. Make it hard to refuse

Structure your offers so that they always get the job done. When you deploy irresistible offers to your players, they love it, period! It largely depends on what the player feels is attractive and what is not. Player behavior comes into play once again in understanding your audience's wants and needs.

6. Use OptiKPI: A powerful Marketing Automation Software

Ensure your CTA stands out from the competition. Successful marketing is a combination of skill, precision, and mathematics. Numbers never lie! That's why at OptiKPI, we leverage data to handle all marketing operations. We have crafted a marketing automation software that facilitates gaming operators to conduct precise marketing operations. With such a sustainable approach, OptiKPI empowers online games to build a brand in the long run.

For example, Link tracking in OptiKPI helps you get a clear picture of all your marketing activities. Attach links with your promotional messages and track campaign results. Get statistics such as the total number of players who opened, total clicks, and unique clicks to the landing page / Google Play / Store/ AppStore.

OptiKPI can be integrated as a marketing tool into a gaming platform within four weeks. We promise uncompromised service with global customer support round the clock.