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Drip, Drip, Success: Mastering the Art of Drip Email Marketing for Online Casinos

The primary goal of email marketing is targeting the right people at the right time, and that’s exactly where drip marketing comes into the picture.

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4 Email Automation Hacks You NEED to Implement Today (for the iGaming Pro)

Email automation is a must have for iGaming professionals looking to enhance their marketing efforts. By leveraging the power of automated emails, you can streamline your communication strategy, nurture customer relationships, and drive player retention.

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Email Marketing for Gaming industry

Sending out commercial messages to a large group of people via email is considered email marketing. Emails can be sent in various formats for promoting a product or service to all potential and current customers.

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Fully automated Email Actions with OptiKPI

Email marketing is a traditional way to be connected with your customers & with OptiKPI you can completely automate the process! Every email can be customized with your own template; using merge tags.

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Over and over again. Recurring Actions

Push Notifications / Emails / SMS campaigns can be automated in such a way that it is sent out repeatedly over and over again to your customers at a pre-specified time, this process is called Recurring Actions.

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One time only. Single Send Action

OptiKPI uses Single Send Actions to send out only one Email / SMS / Push notification at a time, it is used mostly for testing purposes. The process ends when the command gets executed thus making it impossible to recur.

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