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Funnel Chart: from sign up to loyalty

You can track your customers' journey right off the bat & keep an eye on them during the time of registration to first time deposit, first time stake and so on until the very end of the road which will help you identify

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Bar Chart and Line Chart - Simple yet Powerful

Bar Charts help clarify trends & estimate key values at a single glance while Line charts help you to quickly tell the range, minimum / maximum or anomalies such as gaps or clusters easily.

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Metric: Numbers don't lie!

OptiKPI brings tremendous value to Gaming firms by providing real numbers in real-time, with the help of Metrics you can track & boost your business performance where it needs the most.

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Cards or Segments? That is the question. Chapter 2

Hi! Welcome back to OptiKPI, let’s dive back into the data pool & discuss more on how our segmentation process works.

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Types of Data in simple language. String, Boolean, Date, Float, Integer.

OptiKPI is a marketing automation software dedicated to iGaming operators. Our software can integrate any type of raw data from your Back Office via API - raw data allows us to deliver for you real-time automation!

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Cards or Segments? Segregate your players with OptiKPI for Target Marketing

In OptiKPI we have 2 different, but similar features, called Cards and Segments that act as the backbone for all of your marketing activities. Let’s find out which one is the best!

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