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How to acquire a New Player?

A gaming platform requires a great player acquisition strategy in order to cut the cost of onboarding new customers. The marketing needs to be focused on driving quality traffic toward your site or app.

How to acquire a New Player

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Since the competition among gaming providers is at an all-time high, players now have the luxury of numerous alternatives. Usually, players skip tons of platforms in a short period, so grabbing new users' attention should be your No.1 priority. Instead of spamming them with unrelated promotions, create an effective player acquisition program that exclusively focuses on delivering solid outcomes.

Provide real value and promote the same instead of beating around the bush. It helps you create a snowball effect which leads to incredible ROI.

Gaming Operators Growth
Gaming Operators Growth
Increase in Unique Depositors
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

Advertising on Google and Social media

Successful digital marketing is all it takes even for start-ups to boom!

The web is the best place to start acquiring new contenders for your online games. Begin online player acquisition campaigns to attract attention to your site/ app. Once you get the ball rolling, extending your presence across the internet is easy. You can promote your official site to all potential players through Google Advertising. Millions of people out there search for gaming products such as yours. Target them with keywords.

Leveraging social media is one of the best cost-effective methods to acquire new players. Try to penetrate the market with creativity and post regular content on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) Create a following around your games, and keep them eager and engaged by offering relevant and insightful content. You can even conduct contests/ quizzes to increase your reach and hook new followers every day. Don’t forget hashtags!

Incentivized Referrals

It is a must-have strategy for all online gaming businesses. Rewarding players for referring your platform to their friends will drive immense good traffic toward you. It is similar to promotion through word of mouth but only better since the referral approach provides value for both parties.

Think of it as spending dollars on paid campaigns; the only difference is, you will encash your players with your game currency or free in-app purchases for each successful referral. Develop a system that provides rewards on a value basis to create a virality factor!

For real-money games, providing incentives is one of the most successful player acquisition and retention methods. Incentives have the power to hook a user to your platform. When done right, it helps you create a loyal customer base.

With the help of marketing automation platforms like OptiKPI, you can automate incentives and reach players in real-time. Create a campaign to acquire new players with referral incentives. For example, When a new user registers using a referral bonus code. The new player and the friend who shared that code will automatically receive 20 Free Spins. You can also personalize these campaigns to boost engagement.


Cross-promotion will give your game the much-needed lift to propel your platform to glory.

Constantly popping out in front of people's eyes will create traction for drawing new users. Get in touch with platforms that provide cross-promotion services. You can deploy banners of your games on prime real estate locations such as In-Game Ads space.


Cross-selling is another helpful strategy. If you have an existing customer base interested in gambling, try pulling them towards your desired platform instead of spending tons of cash to acquire new players.

The X factor

When designing a game, including an X factor is vital to create massive buzz around your game. Include virality factors to spread it like wildfire. The X factor is an effective player acquisition strategy; people will automatically want to try your new game.

Leverage social media, and make it easy for your players to showcase their gaming skills on the web. Integrate social media sharing features into your platform for easily sharing gameplay videos. People love to be recognized; give them what they want to draw heavy traffic to your site.

With the launch of new gaming sites/apps every day, players are loaded with seemingly infinite options. Hence, they jump from one platform to another in an instant. Disruption of the industry is what we are looking for; the gaming operators should focus on the X factor right from the start of the design. Design your gaming product in such a way that it stands out from the competition. When new player enters your platform, they should experience fresh air. Make sure that you deliver an excellent player experience.

Innovation alone leads you to a more promising future; let the competitors adapt for survival while you thrive.

Testing is the key

Marketing is like an art; it never produces the same result. Try out new strategies for player acquisition and analyze the success ratio. Find out what works best for your specific needs. Start small and scale up to gain an immense following.

Avoid ads that burn your pockets without producing a good ROI. Try to focus on only those strategies that work effectively!


When an effective marketing automation platform like OptiKPI runs tests in the background, it eliminates all your repetitive manual tasks. Since our AI boosted tool is entirely automated, you can use your resources where required. You can efficiently analyze campaign outcomes on OptiKPI’s user-friendly dashboard. We produce precise numbers. Thus helping you get a clear perspective on your business performance.

Content is the king of marketing

Content gives power to products; you can easily attract people with quality content. If you want to release a game and want people to get excited about it, create a content marketing plan to generate hype around your product.

Focus on creating a loyal following on your social media by constantly posting quality content. Once you begin providing value to your followers, you will have a significant fan base. The power of social media platforms cannot be overstated. Start by uploading informative posts on your games. Posting Poker tips and tricks on your page is a good start if you have a poker platform. Interviews with the best poker players in the world might be an excellent attraction for your followers; leverage their fame to your advantage!

You can also get in touch with influencers and promote your games to a broader audience.

Build a brand that speaks for itself

Build a brand with a strong foundation for a stable future. Brands speak for themselves; people love to get associated with famous names, and ROI on marketing will shoot up if done strategically.

All in one innovative marketing automation platform for all your marketing needs

OptiKPI is a marketing automation platform built exclusively for gaming operators. Bring your marketing and compliance data into one user-friendly and intuitive interface to optimize campaigns, increase team productivity and attain overall revenue uplift. We provide you with a complete solution for all your marketing needs. Engage your players 24/7 in real-time with the help of our automated marketing features.

Use your resources effectively to penetrate the market!

Following is an example of OptiKPI’s player acquisition strategy:

Automatically welcome new players with personalized messages after they complete the signup procedure. Create a segment - “Newly registered players.” Engage this segment with an FTD Bonus campaign in real-time. Wait for 24 hours and filter players who have not made their FTD. Send them a different FTD offer.

The above campaign is entirely automated in OptiKPI; all you have to do is feed your data and set the triggers. We help you streamline all your marketing strategies under a single platform.