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Marketing automation in Gaming Industry: What, Why and How to employ?

One of the best automation tools is OptiKPI, it is exclusively designed for the online gaming industry, combined with the power of AI and behavioural targeting, it can boost any gaming platforms performance within a short period of time.

marketing automation tool for gaming industry

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation has revolutionized traditional marketing setups. It helps us deliver personalized messages in real-time. Businesses can now automate marketing campaigns, target their customers, and automatically deliver highly personalized messages across multiple channels.

With the help of marketing automation software, your marketing initiatives become error-free and straightforward. Eliminating repetitive manual tasks lets Gaming operators shift their focus to areas requiring immediate attention.

Good marketing automation platforms help you scale your business by saving time and cost. They assist you in lead generation, conversion, and analyzing your business performance. OptiKPI is one of the best marketing automation for the gaming industry. We empower you to create effective marketing campaigns from scratch/ modify them to perfection.

Gaming Operators Growth
Gaming Operators Growth
increase in Unique Depositors
increase in Unique Depositors
Decrease in Churn
Decrease in Churn
Gross Gaming Revenue Uplift

What actually does marketing automation do?

Marketing automation simplifies and streamlines the ever-time-consuming marketing and sales roles process. It helps reduce the complexity of the marketing structure by leveraging automation. It assures solid effectiveness from lead generation to creating acquisition/ retention campaigns.

Eliminate the need for manually pressing the “send” button on every single email / SMS/ post that you deliver. Increase your marketing ROI by saving time and resources. Identify relevant audiences for your campaigns. Trigger actions (automatically send messages) based on customer behavior in real-time.

How does marketing automation work in Gaming Industry?

In the gaming industry, using marketing automation software guarantees sustainable business growth. Since the competition among gaming operators is at an all-time high, only those who make clever marketing decisions stay at the top of their game.

To get started with a marketing automation solution, integrate OptiKPI into your system. Upload your player data and let our software take care of the rest!

Your player data will help you improve your business. Analyze campaign results like a pro with our intelligent analytics dashboards. Create a 360-degree view of every player to understand what works and doesn't when spending on marketing.

OptiKPI ensures streamlining and targeting processes work in full force. It gets the most out of every campaign, reaches the right audiences, and breaches them successfully. Tailoring messages to customers becomes a walk in the park. You can create a customized, unique-for-each-customer experience via personalized messages with a simple click. Automatically send these messages across multiple channels with ease. The massive number of recipients won’t affect your campaigns; we support bulk messaging (100 or 100 million). Set the conditions, and feel free to shift your focus elsewhere. Our marketing automation platform runs 24/7.

What does marketing automation mean for the customer journey?

Building a brand is critical. Customer journeys are essential for constructing meaningful interactions between you and your users. Our marketing automation software provides a seamless journey throughout the cycle.

Apart from sticking a customer’s first name in the subject line of every message, create dynamic content that best suits different sets of customers with the help of our marketing automation tools. Reach out to your players along any part of their journey and induce required alterations to their path. Custom design users' life cycles to increase retention and decrease churn rates. Engage your customers in real-time with personalized messages, and see to it that your players get the best user experience out of your platform. Convert prospects into loyal customers and build a brand with a steady and sustainable following!

Can I easily use marketing automation software for my gaming product?

Yes, of course! Marketing automation is the embodiment of easy-to-use.

Create customer-centric campaigns with a single click that focuses on quality traffic. Gain total control over your marketing missions - create, edit and analyze all your strategies in a single place.

Automation is the next big thing in the Gaming Industry. Manage all your marketing tasks with a single click. Deploy introductory emails/ complex campaigns with ease. You can operate our marketing automation platform with utmost ease, without previous experience or professional knowledge. It is similar to most software/ apps that you use daily. Our software's user interface is simple to get across, even on tough days.

What is the best marketing automation solution for Gaming Industry?

We exclusively built OptiKPI for the gaming industry. With AI and behavioral targeting, it can boost your platform's performance within a short period. The customization and automation features will help you connect with your players better than ever. Capture their interests, and target their behavior to improve the odds of engagement.

OptiKPI can be easily integrated into a Gaming platform as a marketing assistance software in four weeks. All campaigns can be customized and automated in real-time. With 24/7 customer support from around the globe, we guarantee uncompromised service.