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Automated birthday greetings to your players

Automated birthday greetings

Who wouldn’t love to be surprised on their birthdays? Even a simple wish can make someone’s special day more beautiful than it already is. Hence, we at OptiKPI have crafted a strategy to make your players extremely happy and valued on their Birthdays. Without much hassle, Gaming Operators can now genuinely wish their players and deliver a surprising gift on special occasions.

It sounds great right? We know for a fact that your players would appreciate your efforts. Delivering happiness to your players can create a strong bonding. By deploying automated birthday greetings to your players, you can also create windows for upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Let us see an example of the Automated Birthday Greetings that we are talking about. As a Gaming Operator of a platform, you can send personalized Birthday Greetings to all your players who celebrate their birthdays with OptiKPI. All you have to do is feed your player data into the software. OptiKPI picks up the data and creates separate segments as per your requirements.

  • In this case, you can create a dedicated segment for players who have their birthdays today;
  • Next, Create a marketing campaign targeting this segment;
  • Deploy Emails with personalized birthday greetings and attach an exclusive bonus code as a gift.
  • What more? All your campaigns can be automated in real-time! Hence, you can schedule all the emails at 8 AM (anytime) on their birthdays. Thus, when you launch this campaign, all your players who have their birthdays will receive personalized automated birthday greetings with an exclusive gift at exactly 8 AM.

For more information on how to create an “Automated Birthday Greeting” in OptiKPI, check out this tutorial video.