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4 Reliable Marketing Strategies for your Gaming Business

The only challenge that the gaming operators faced was increased competition. Yes! The competition among the gaming firms reached an all-time high. Even major gaming firms felt the heat, the fact became evident. Having a world-class game alone won’t guarantee your success. Then what is the winning recipe? Smart Marketing.

Marketing Strategies for your Gaming Business

The gaming industry is booming! Technological advancements have paved the way for online games to reach almost everyone. The COVID19 pandemic might have been hazardous for most businesses worldwide but not for Gaming; actually, it had the exact opposite impact. Since people befriended mobile devices / PCs more than ever before, consumption of online games began to surge. What was supposed to happen in the upcoming decades unraveled within months. The need for safe entertainment took the online gaming industry to the next level.

The only challenge that the gaming operators faced was increased competition. Yes! The competition among the gaming firms reached an all-time high. Even major gaming firms felt the heat, the fact became evident. Having a world-class game alone won’t guarantee your success. Then what is the winning recipe? Smart Marketing.

Why is marketing important for your gaming business?

It is simple, why should people play your games when they have thousands of other options? You might try to answer the question from different perspectives but think again. The only reason people get to know about your games in the first place would be due to marketing. Only marketing can get your games into the hands of the people. More than anything, Marketing is a crucial component of gaming businesses. Gaming firms spend a massive percentage of their total revenue promoting their games to keep the cycle spinning.

Constantly connecting with players and keeping them engaged with quality content is the best bet for survival in the gaming industry. The marketing engine should run 24/7, promoting your games, acquiring new players, retaining the existing ones, and reducing the churn. The process is never-ending and requires undivided attention from the operators. Even the slightest of mistakes can cause huge repercussions in the long run. So, how to conduct high-level marketing and run the business simultaneously? You cannot! Gaming operators are responsible for running the business successfully, and that is what they should focus on. The best way to conduct business is to delegate the online gaming marketing operations to a marketing automation system such as OptiKPI. It will bring a newfound balance to your ecosystem. We help you curate smart marketing campaigns with minimum effort from your side.

Smart marketing

Instead of shelling out millions in marketing your games, deploy high-precision promotional campaigns. Traditional marketing is of no significance in the gaming domain. The games are online, and players are online, so why should your marketing alone be offline? Hence, avoid the conventional hit-and-miss strategies at all costs and equip yourself with reliable online marketing strategies. Integrate OptiKPI as your marketing solution partner to stand out from the crowd. Our smart, systematic marketing approach will yield colossal marketing ROI for you. OptiKPI empowers you with all the necessary tools for the trade; all you have to do is point your finger in a preferred direction.

What is the best marketing assistance for online gaming businesses?

OptiKPI is a gaming marketing automation platform that has perfected the art of marketing in a way that no other platform has. It's the best marketing solution for upending traditional marketing by automating every process step. Create bonuses depending on player activity, test the promos, adjust them, and deploy them in real-time across multiple marketing channels (all under one roof).

Following is a list of 4 of the best reliable marketing strategies for your gaming business. Implementing them using OptiKPI will help you increase player conversion, retention, and player satisfaction like never before.

1. Activation of Players (RND)

Returned & Never Deposited or simply RND is an exclusively created campaign targeting players who have successfully registered in your gaming platform but have not made their Deposit yet. As per statistics, only 10% of the registered players make a successful deposit. Our RND campaign helps you increase the conversions up to 4x times.

Use OptiKPI to carry out Complex marketing operations with ease. Segment players based on various parameters such as registered data, language, accepting email/push/SMS, accepting the bonus, etc. Every marketing campaign cycle in OptiKPI is automated in real-time. Once set, they crawl through the player data constantly, getting the new users who didn’t receive the action and sending it to them.

Example: Welcome email to everyone who joins the Casino. Whenever new players enter the casino, send them invitations in real-time or 5 minutes later, or at any preferred time.

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2. Offers for Players (OTD)

Personalized offers based on player behavior at the right time improve the odds of a successful conversion, big time! Track every single player in real-time and collect data. Study their behavior and deploy personalized smart offers according to their preferences.

For example:

Distribute the following offers to players who deposited only once

  • When their balance is close to 0 → Send a custom offer
  • A few days after 1st deposit → Send another custom offer
  • Personalized offers to players playing specific games. Like slot games-oriented offers to slot players.

3. Scheduled Daily, Weekly & Monthly offers for Players.

Creating a systematic marketing approach and connecting with players regularly boost engagement in the long run. Use OptiKPI to schedule all promos upfront by date, time, and player preferences. We offer unlimited actions to our clients; you can run any actions you want without limitations.

For example:

  • Schedule Monday promo to all players that lost yesterday.
  • Schedule Tuesday FREE Spins promo to all SLOTS players who have 0 balance.
  • Weekend Promo: Valid through the weekend with % Bonus or cashback on Mondays etc.

Check out one of our special Use Case that helps you reduce churn rate → Real-time Bonus offers players about to drop.

4. Automated Bonus Code for Special Promos

Use our Bonus code feature to give players a personalized experience and prevent bonus abuse at the same time. Check out our tutorial video on using the Bonus Code feature in OptiKPI. In this Tutorial Video, you will find the procedures for deploying Bonus Codes on all your marketing campaigns.

For example, send a FREE SPINS Deposit Offer to all players who never deposited in the last few days. Only those players who receive the bonus code will be eligible for the offer. These codes cannot be transferred or duplicated.


You can effectively cover almost 80% of your marketing and promotional activities with the four marketing strategies above.

Increase in number of deposits by month:

As we can see from the numbers below, the number of deposits in months when there is no Dedicated Promotions (September) and promotions (October), there is an increase of deposits by 15.21%.

The Best Marketing Automation Software for Gaming: OptiKPI

We offer you an easy-to-create and enforce workstation and the ability to pick any marketing channels you want. Automate all of the above operations in real-time and eliminate the need for human labor. Enhance team productivity and improve overall business performance.

OptiKPI can be readily implemented as a marketing assistance software into a gaming platform in four weeks. We are highly user-friendly and promise uncompromised service with global customer support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.