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Cards or Segments? Segregate your players with OptiKPI for Target Marketing

In OptiKPI we have 2 different, but similar features, called Cards and Segments that act as the backbone for all of your marketing activities. Let’s find out which one is the best!

Cards can be described as a simple filter that helps to group and host certain customers using a set of criterias that you wish.

Example: To group all new customers who’ve registered today - A card can be created with a name “Registered Today” and with the help of the filters ‘registration date = in today’ you will get the list of all customers who’ve registered today.

Likewise, to group all successful depositors who’ve deposited at least once - Another card named “All Successful Depositors” can be created using the filter ‘number of successful deposits is greater than 0’ to get all the depositors who’ve deposited at least once in your gaming platform.

Such an easy way to group raw data into potential leads, right?