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OptiKPI: Meet our Talents (Episode #3)

Hi! Welcome to OptiKPI: Meet our Talents. In this episode, we have Mr. Jobin Jose with us. He is our Senior Digital Marketing Specialist who easily solves complex marketing challenges. In this interview segment, you’ll get a chance to learn about the life of a Digital Marketing professional in the Gaming industry.

Jobin mj

In this interview segment, you’ll get a chance to learn about the life of a Digital Marketing professional in the Gaming industry.

Self Intro:

“Hi, my name is Jobin, and I’m a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at OptiKPI. I have been in the Gaming industry for the past 5+ years and assisting gaming products in penetrating the market through digital marketing.”

Q: Can you describe how your typical Digital Marketing day looks?

Since I’m in the gaming industry, almost all my digital marketing tasks revolve around promoting our gaming and gaming-related products on the web. In addition, I usually work on SEO activities, explore the search console for broken links, create backlinks and look for page issues.

Q: What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands using the internet and other forms of online communication. It includes email, social media, and web-based advertising. According to a report, India's average smartphone consumption duration is 4.7 hours daily. Thus, brands connect with their customers via mobile phones easily. Moreover, Digital marketing reaches the right audience with relevant marketing campaigns.

Q: How different is digital marketing in the gaming industry compared to other sectors?

The gaming industry is already bigger than Hollywood! The only other entertainment sector that can compete with the gaming industry is the television industry. But the gaming industry has some restrictions in google's ads policy. As a result, competition is higher, and developing new ideas and increasing conversion is challenging.

Q: What is your best achievement?

My significant achievement is finding the shortcut to always being happy.

Q: How many cups of coffee does it take to get through the day?

I prefer soft drinks! It helps me to keep calm and cool. :)

Q: What are the most challenging/tedious tasks in your daily job?

Digital Marketing is one of the most challenging job titles. The trend keeps changing every day. So we have to be updated; otherwise, we might be outdated. Moreover, a marketing person should be creative and have product knowledge. I can say that digital marketing is a very challenging field but not a boring one for me, so I would like to say that there are no tedious daily tasks. In the future, if I find my daily tasks to be boring, that will be my last working day.

The only thing I really hate is captchas. Because after submitting details like meta titles, descriptions, and keywords, the platform asks me, “Are you a Robot?”

Q: Where is the iGaming sector's marketing heading?

I started my career in the gaming industry five years ago. The industry has reached new heights and is still growing at a faster rate than ever before. However, I think we still have a long way to go!

Q: What was your first job?

I was lucky to write my final exam in college with an offer letter. After graduation, I went to Bangalore to work as a Social Science Teacher. I took the job because I love learning new things and teaching. It has helped me stay on top of digital marketing with the latest trends.

Later, I joined a press, helped them with marketing, and found that digital marketing is the future. So I resigned from the job and enrolled in a digital marketing course. And here I’m today!

Q: Fun fact about you:

I like to travel to new places and explore people and food. 

Q: What are your hidden talents?

I adapt to any situation, which I think is more important than being perfect. This trait has helped me turn challenges into opportunities. And I’m also good at storytelling.

Q: Any exciting episodes of your life?

I filter everything when it comes to life; I only take positive and happy moments to heart. Every day is an exciting episode in my life. Whenever I meet new people and listen to them, I try to learn something new from them.

Q: Why OptiKPI? What makes it different?

Our team is the place where everyone gets space. There is no discrimination; everyone works as a family. Mutual understanding and opportunities make OptiKPI different from other companies.

My motto: Do everything with love.