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OptiKPI: Meet our Talents (Episode #1)

Hello Everyone! Welcome to OptiKPI’s blog “Meet Our Talents” (special edition). Since we have been quite busy with our technical end for so long, we have decided to take some time off to introduce our incredible team to you.

OptiKPI: Meet our Talents (#1st Episode)

Our soldiers tirelessly work daily to keep the wheels of your favorite marketing automation software running. This interview segment will bring interesting exchanges that we have with the team members. As the first step, we would like you to meet our very own Maria Mukazhanova (Customer Success Manager) in this episode.

Self Intro:

“Hello everyone, My name is Maria, and I represent OptiKPI” - that’s how I introduce myself on our product’s demo calls :) I’ve been with OptiKPI for 4 years. I wear different hats in the organization: I lead customer success, customer service, cold demo and onboarding, and digital marketing. Originally I am from St Petersburg, Russia.

Q: What was your first job?

Haha, it was long back ago, I was 16. An English tutor!!

Q: How are you in real life? Can you please share some fun facts about yourself?

Yes, sure! I love hiking and the gym, I’m a fitness freak!! And I also have a green belt in karate. Apart from that, I still bake pancakes every Saturday morning like I’ve been doing for the last 25 years. I'll share the recipe with you if you're interested...!

Q: What are your hidden talents?

I am a warrior, and my superpower is to turn challenges into opportunities. I use it a lot at work! With our digital marketing team, we manage to be on the top in Google Search, even with a minimal budget. Proud of my boys!

Q: Any interesting episode of your life?

A lot! Volunteering means a lot to me - in Missing Kids Europe. We deal with kidnapping cases, and each story is unique and very traumatic. Even if there is a typhoon and total mess outside, we manage to find a solution and move forward.

Q: What are your challenges in daily work?

Our team members, as well as customers, are pan-international. I find it exciting and challenging with such diversity in culture and people. We have customers from around the globe - Mexico, Romania, the UK, Israel, and Japan. Dealing with work, cultural differences, and expectations is one of the biggest challenges. For example, Japan and Finland are very strict with deadlines. Indian customers often reach us even on Saturdays since it is a working day for them. Although some customers are attentive to small details, others find prominent features necessary.

Q: Why OptiKPI? What makes it different?

We dream big! I was fascinated by opportunities when I joined the project 4 years ago. We brought something fresh, agile, and real-time into the iGaming market. We were the pioneers in marketing automation software for the iGaming industry. Soon, with time, more competitors are popping up in the space. But here’s the thing, we love challenges! That is why we push ourselves to improve every single day. Together we dream more and achieve more. It is exciting and never dull in OptiKPI! Every day is different.

My motto : Be humble and fight.