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What are the types of push notifications?

With OptiKPI you can send messages via all the types of push notifications under one roof, and moreover, you can fully automate the process to communicate with your users effectively.

types of push notifications

Push notifications are a highly inexpensive and trendy communication channel that helps gaming operators to connect with their customers efficiently. Following are the two major types of Push Notifications:

1. Web push” notifications or also called “in-browser push”, are pop-up messages sent to a user's desktop via web or mobile web. These messages appear in real-time through the browser even when the user is inactive. Web Push notifications will not reach users if the browser is closed.

2. “App push” notifications: are pop-up messages sent to users' mobile devices (who have installed the App). These notifications may appear in the App or on the device's display even if users don't use the App (if they allow it in Settings).

With OptiKPI, you can send messages through any of the above types of push notifications. You can fully automate the communication process with your players effectively and send personalized messages in real-time.

For example, when a user's balance is around zero, send a special deposit bonus offer via push notification in real-time. Grab the player's attention and encourage them to engage more.

Messages deployed through push notifications reach your players without fail and are hard to ignore. Leverage its power to let your users know the value you bring to the table with the help of OptiKPI.