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How Player Journey helps your Online Casino business?

OptiKPIs Player Journey, a critical component of marketing automation software, can guide players toward specific goals, such as making the first deposit, trying a new game, or returning after a period of inactivity.

How Player Journey helps your Online Casino business?

Player Journey has become an integral part of gaming operators' marketing arsenal. It helps gaming firms to tweak their marketing efforts to the maximum. We have dedicated articles on Player Journey and How to use them effectively using OptiKPI’s tool. We strongly recommend you read the:

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OptiKPIs Player Journey, a critical component of marketing automation software, can guide players toward specific goals, such as making the first deposit, trying a new game, or returning after a period of inactivity. To delve deeper into what Player Journey can help you achieve, here are some aspects you can do with the OptiKPIs Player Journey feature.

Benefits of employing Player Journey in your Online Casino business:

Analyze results in real-time:

OptiKPI lets users view every significant move in their gaming platforms. The updates are real-time; hence the reaction to every action can also be executed in real-time. You can see how well Player Journey works before a campaign's end. Because real-time results are available, you can extend successful campaigns or pause and tweak underperforming campaigns as needed. Read real-time actions to know more.

Unravel the performance of different communication channels:

Your player completed the journey's goal, but how did they get there? With Player Journey, you can see when and how the player interacted. Such as email or push notification click-throughs. Once you've figured it out, you can communicate with players in the way you know will get you the best response. OptiKPI provides all the stats of player journeys and the performance of each communication channel. Read more on Multi-Channel Marketing platforms for online casino and gambling sites.

Surprise players with methodical incentives:

While free spins are an obvious way to encourage players to start a journey, they can also help to create a positive experience along the way by providing an unexpected boost as part of a Player's Journey. For example, if the ultimate goal of your journey is for players to play at least 20 spins on a game, you could give them five free spins after the first 10 to keep them engaged with the game. Setting up surprises down the line helps get player attention much more quickly. OptiKPI’s Journey lets operators do the same with high precision. Click the link to learn how to increase daily active users on your online gaming platform.

Automated real-time bonuses:

Limiting bonus awards to a specific amount or reward points is not needed. For example, you could give players a surprise bonus based on their deposit amount. In the example above, a deposit of a certain amount could be the trigger event for offering the player free spins, but it's up to you. Create and adjust bonus offerings with OptiKPI’s Journey. Read more on Bonuses in real-time: automated and based on player's behavior.

You have control over your bonus spending:

You can limit the number of rewards available in an incentive-based campaign to help control your budget and set a fixed cost for the overall campaign. This way, you can ensure that you only release a predetermined number of rewards, even if there are more eligible players than expected, or that you have enough available for all eligible players. Take complete control of your marketing costs and make strategic cost-cutting decisions with OptiKPI. You can refer to 4 Reliable Marketing Strategies for your Gaming Business for more information.

Boost responsible gaming

Because Player Journey is linked to OptiKPI’s Responsible Gambling strategies, journeys that target players based on deposit limits, loss limits, or self-exclusion status can be created. Players who have not set limits can be identified, and interventions can be triggered in real-time while the player is still present and engaged. You can also track the success of your safer gambling interactions as you go with Player Journey's real-time results.

All of the above features are controlled by a single, simple drag-and-drop canvas from OptiKPI. Our Player Journey feature is one of the most powerful tools for boosting your business growth. Contact our technical team to get customized journeys designed to cater to your requirements.