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OptiKPI: Journey Builder Feature

Player behavior can be defined as the features of players that cause them to behave in a certain way. In the upcoming sections, let us dive deep into player behavior. This article will also discuss the many factors that impact player behavior and a fascinating feature by OptiKPI called “Journeys.”

Journey builder feature

The online gaming market is fiercely competitive, with dozens of powerful platforms vying for first place. Only solid marketing techniques will equip gaming operators to fight against tough competition. Understanding player behavior gives the much-needed edge. Hence, we must first examine players' activities to comprehend them better. The player's interest varies based on different backgrounds.

Player behavior can be defined as the features of players that cause them to behave in a certain way. In the upcoming sections, let us dive deep into player behavior. This article will also discuss the many factors that impact player behavior and a fascinating feature by OptiKPI called “Journeys.”

The Journey Builder allows gaming operators to analyze player behavior and convert it into business growth. It also pinpoints players' likes and dislikes. In addition, OptiKPI promotes responsible gaming and eliminates gamer addiction. Finally, we help you build a healthy gaming community (happy players bring in more people and revenue). We anticipate player responses in real-time to create complex automated marketing campaigns in the simplest ways to help you succeed in the market.

How player behavior affects gaming business performance?

While creating a game that engages players is the ultimate goal, delivering a good user experience is critical. Understanding player behavior is the first step. Then, it helps designers and instructors influence and steer in-game actions. Finally, gaming operators must search for opportunities to examine, assess, and control player activity to eliminate bad behavior; it helps maintain a profitable business. Of course, player behavior varies depending on external and internal circumstances. And during games, players may sometimes make quick decisions. But, from a business standpoint, we can influence a player's behavior throughout their stay on your platform.

For example, you can use OptiKPI to:

  • Find all the newly registered players and target only the non-depositors with personalized FTD offers.
  • Or, you can reach sports book lovers and send them tournament announcements and unique bonuses.
  • Or, you can target inactive players (who were active 61-90 days ago but are inactive now) and send them personalized offers to reactive them.

How to leverage player behavior?

Understanding player behavior can assist a casino operator in developing behavioral-based player segmentation and marketing strategies. We can effectively navigate players inside different flows and journeys by predicting their future moves.

OptiKPI lets you exploit player behavior in the best ways. It can easily extract player reactions and automate general flows. Simply push your data into OptiKPI, and watch players shoved into different journeys according to their activities in real-time. Again, here are a few more examples:

  • New users automatically receive personalized welcome offers;
  • We find players' favorite games after a week or two. Then, to enhance engagement, we deliver promos related to their favorite games;
  • We automatically deliver unique welcome back offers to gamers who leave/quit your platform.

What is a Journey?

The phrase "player journey" or simply “journey” is used only in the gaming industry to represent a player's travel with a gaming brand throughout their stay on that platform. A player's journey begins with brand discovery and continues till completion. The player's engagement and the brand's experience are the critical metrics focused on here, not the transactions.

What is OptiKPI’s “Journey” builder tool?

Customer journeys are vital for developing a route of meaningful interactions between you and your users. Hence, OptiKPI has developed a specialized tool just for this purpose. This feature is called “Journeys.” It helps you build great player journeys and acts as one of the significant elements in elevating your gaming brand. The Journey feature combines bespoke processes with marketing automation to connect every brand touchpoint and create a smooth trip across the cycle.

OptiKPI's Journey builder tool lets gaming operators create unique flows from scratch with ease. No prior technical expertise is required to operate our software. You can construct simple Journeys ranging from welcome flows to more complex ones with ease. The Journey feature consists of a simple drag-and-drop UI. Once completed, you can launch your journeys right away. Your Journeys will run in real-time 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Click this link to know some more practical advice about using OptiKPI’s Journeys.

Why is “Journeys” a game-changer for gaming operators?

To increase the performance of the business and player experience, gaming operators can launch various Journeys simultaneously. In addition, OptiKPI supplies advanced capabilities such as target marketing, multi-channel messaging, real-time automation, behavioral marketing, data analytics, and much more. Hence, gaming operators can automate all marketing tasks to their maximum potential. What OptiKPI does excellently is that it runs in real-time and delivers personalized solutions then and there. As a result, operators can spend their time and energy on other tasks that demand their immediate attention without stress.

Player behavior and Journey Builder connections:

OptiKPI crafted “Journeys” to convert big data analysis into business growth. By leveraging player behavior, Journeys boost - deposit rates, engagement, conversions, and retention while reducing churn. It is a perfect mixture of science put into motion. Gaming operators can now deploy complex journeys right away. It navigates players and helps eliminate bad behavior. Player behavior is one of the various pillars that support Journeys to function successfully.

OptiKPI: The best marketing solution for iGames.

OptiKPI is a marketing automation technology designed specifically for the gaming industry's marketing operations. Under our one platform, you can create, launch, edit, segment, target traffic, and evaluate campaign performance. You can improve marketing campaigns, enhance team efficiency, and achieve a considerable income rise with OptiKPI. In addition, target your gamers based on their actions. Never before has automation been used with such accuracy. We can help you automate practically all of your tedious operations and build a precise and successful marketing channel. Send thousands of automated messages across numerous communication channels (push notifications, web push, email, and SMS) with a single button click.

Some of the advantages of including OptiKPI in your marketing system are as follows:

  • Increased revenue and company expansion;
  • Productivity gains for the marketing and retention team;
  • Repetitive manual chores eliminated;
  • Automated personalization in real-time;
  • Multiple communication channels under one roof;
  • Pre-built email templates based on jurisdiction;
  • Target marketing;
  • Responsible gaming;
  • Compliance;
  • 24/7 customer support.

OptiKPI increases player acquisition, retention, and churn reduction rates. Set triggers across your campaigns to capture player motivations in real-time and deliver service. OptiKPI can be readily implemented into a gaming platform as a marketing tool in four weeks. In addition, we provide uncompromising service with 24/7 customer assistance from across the world.