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Best Player Onboarding Strategies for Smooth Conversions on Gaming Platforms

The gaming industry is an entirely different beast. In order to sustain in such a highly competitive vertical, one has to have their product and marketing designed to perfection. In this article we dig deep into the concepts of player onboarding and give you some of the most effective strategies that you can effortlessly implement

player onboarding strategies

How would you feel when warmly welcomed and accommodated into a new environment? Amazing, yes! The initial impression alone is a powerful means for a long-lasting, fruitful relationship. Likewise, first impressions are also vital for businesses; 24% of customers who experience a positive first impression are more likely to stay loyal for up to two years, and 87% share their positive experience with others. On the other hand, a terrible first impression is talked about by 95% of customers.

Tweak your onboarding technique to create positive first impressions. Onboarding refers to swiftly acclimating a new candidate into the environment. The term "Onboarding" is usually used in professional setups. For businesses, onboarding is the primary touchpoint where customers experience the product/service for the first time. Hence, create an excellent onboarding experience. The first impression is the best!

The gaming industry is an entirely different beast. To sustain in such a highly competitive domain, one must have their product and marketing designed to perfection. In this article, we dig deep into the concepts of player onboarding and provide you with some of the most effective strategies.

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Gaming Operators Growth
Gaming Operators Growth
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increase in Unique Depositors
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Decrease in Churn
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What is Player Onboarding?

Player onboarding in the gaming industry refers to the onboarding process of new players. New users always enter a gaming platform without much knowledge about it—the gaming operator's duty is to make them feel at home right from the start. The more you connect with the users, the more they interact with you. To convert new users into First Time Depositors? Few good tips you can find here.

Deploy following conversion marketing flows with OptiKPI - After acquiring and signup of new players via promotions (refer a friend / other forms of ads). Send an automated personalized welcome email with an FTD bonus offer. OptiKPI lets you automatically segregate all the players who made their FTD. Then, our software waits for 24 hours before sending another personalized bonus via email to non-depositors.

Create custom campaigns based on your preferences!

Why is the Onboarding process vital?

Only 20% of games make it through the first round of play. Players tend to churn out very quickly during the initial days owing to a poor onboarding experience. It would be best to have a solid onboarding strategy to decrease such churns. If you rely on manual executions for all your marketing tasks, it will lead to poor player experiences. Thus, an increase in your churn becomes inevitable. We recommend reading this article to prevent churn like a pro - 9 highly effective churn rate prevention strategies.

Best Player Onboarding Strategies:

    • Entertain: Create an onboarding process that does the job while entertaining players throughout their journey. Relevant engagement gives you a much-needed edge over your competitors. With a little bit of creativity, you can deliver a unique user experience every time. It goes a long way, and they will never forget you easily! Create promotional campaigns around your games and tease your players.

      OptiKPI empowers you to deploy entertaining content to your players right from the very beginning. Our real-time engine caters to all of your new entrants without fail.
    • Improve the user experience of a new player: User experience is all that matters at the end of the day. Players have tons of other gaming options. Create an immersive user experience that guarantees improved player LTV (lifetime value). If you successfully onboard players and keep them engaged, they tend to stay with you longer. The technical aspect of your games plays a significant role but don't underestimate the power of a sound marketing system. 

      How does OptiKPI improve user experience? Our AI boosted automation engine lets operators handle their players more efficiently. You can deliver personalized, relevant content right from onboarding. Design email campaigns and send out personalized welcome greetings. OptiKPI tracks player activities in real-time. It also supports marketing campaigns based on user behavior. Create journeys effortlessly and guide your players towards the right doors.
    • Timely bonus: Grabbing opportunities at the right moment is the trick of the trade. Delayed response or a missed opportunity directly affect your gaming business in more than one way. Hence, always keep your guard up and deliver services at the right time. OptiKPI runs in real-time; we have your back at all times. Our software looks for opportunities 24/ 7 and makes sure that bonuses are delivered at the right time. It supports real-time executions for all your marketing campaigns. You can create and automate scheduled campaigns & triggered campaigns all in one place. Use OptiKPI for assured results.
    • Earn respect and trust: If your players feel not appreciated, they tend to drop out sooner. Picking up cues and delivering relevant services at the right time will earn you respect from your players. Make a statement right from the very beginning that you appreciate their presence. The onboarding period is the right time to create a name for yourself. OptiKPI helps you address every player by their name on every message you send; provide customer support at the right time, and boost your credibility.
    • Educate: Educating your players might seem like a challenging task, but trust us, it will yield excellent results in the long run. When players get to know more about you or your games, they are more likely to stay with you longer since they are investing their time in learning about you. Make sure that you provide quality content, and the rest is assured. Begin the process of educating your players right from the start. You can use OptiKPI to send out tutorial content and welcome emails during the onboarding process. Connect with your players every week with educational newsletters. Accomplish all your marketing goals with OptiKPI.

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