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OptiKPI: Meet our Talents (Episode #4)

Neha Achari is an experienced marketing professional in the Gaming Industry with 9+ years of experience. She is a Retention Specialist at OptiKPI, and has handled teams of 20 enthusiasts. She is a go-getter who is always open to new opportunities and learning.

OptiKPI: Meet our Talents (#4th Episode)

We welcome you to the 4th successful edition of Meet our Talents! In this episode of Meet Our Talents, we will get to know Neha better.

Self Intro:

“Hi, my name is Neha, and I am a Retention Specialist at OptiKPI. I have 9+ years of experience in marketing from the gaming operator’s side— Rummy and Poker game platforms in India and the last year at OptiKPI. I am a go-getter who never says NO to new opportunities & learnings.”

Q: What was your first job?

  • I was lucky enough to get a job even before I completed my Masters. My first job was a roller coaster ride. I was always into marketing and handled a team of 20 enthusiasts. And in addition to that, I had a marketing budget of almost 4 Million USD. So creating, executing sales and marketing strategies, Ads creatives, assigning them to the team, and reviewing campaign results were all part of my daily job. From here on, I learned to say YES to all new opportunities.
  • I learned intensively from scratch, which made me work more and gave me super business results - and my company rewarded me with an Australia Tour in 2017 and recognized my efforts!

Q: Fun fact about you:

I love to laugh and make people laugh. So people around me never get bored.

Q: Your hidden talents:

  • I am a good listener— which comes in handy during customer meetings and daily work.
  • In addition, I consider multitasking to be one of my superpowers. I can easily handle multiple tasks simultaneously and come up with solutions.

Q: Any interesting episodes of your life:

When I started my career in the Online Gaming Industry, I was completely unaware of the nitty-gritty of this sector. I have learned everything from 0, and now I’m a proud professional! But every day, I am still keen on learning something new with an open mind.

Q: Challenges in daily work:

The Gaming Industry is evolving rapidly. You must be on your toes to perform at the highest level— therefore, I need to keep myself updated. Sustaining motivation is the tricky part. Hence, in addition to my Retention Strategist role, I have started to study Digital Marketing to stack up my skill set. New opportunities for me in 2023!

Why OptiKPI? What makes it different?

In OptiKPI, ‘WE’ live in different countries. But our ultimate goal is to make a successful Product that will be crucial to our Customer's growing business. I love the challenges, the success, and the overall journey with OptiKPI.