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How to increase daily active users on your online gaming platform?

Daily Active Users metric serves as a measure of product health. Depending on the activity you choose to measure, DAUs can give important information about how users engage with your gaming app or site. For example, it may assist you in determining which activities your users like and which features are popular.

How to increase daily active users

Gaming platforms require a steady increase in traffic and retention for success. However, online gaming sites struggle to stay afloat since they cannot compete with their rivals. The crucial difference between successful and unsuccessful businesses in the gaming industry is “marketing.” Maintaining customers is becoming increasingly difficult due to heavy competition among many gaming sites for users' attention. In addition, people's attention spans are getting shorter. As a result, if the game is too complex or not attractive enough, players will move on to the next game. So, how can you control the flow of your gaming business? By tracking important business metrics such as DAU!

We all agree that DAU or Daily Active Users is a "hot" measure, particularly for online gaming businesses. Everyone pays close attention to this metric because it signals your gaming product's growth potential and stickiness. When your DAU is high, it's a good indicator. Conversely, if the number of daily active users declines, you may be in the direction of churn. This article will explain what Daily Active Users is, how it is measured, and why you need to keep track of it. You'll also discover actionable advice on how to increase active users. 

Who are daily active users (DAU) on your gaming platform?

Different companies term DAU differently but Daily Active Users for a gaming business usually means the total number of players who have started a game in the last 24 hours; it serves as a baseline for measuring the number of logins in a day. The players who engage with your platform daily and bring revenue are active users. How to increase active users? How to increase user activation? Read more to find out.

How do you calculate the number of daily active users?

Unique visitors who performed at least one action or sequence of activities are considered a Daily Active Users number. Calculating it may appear easy, but no two firms compute it the same way. Following are the different types of DAU:

  • Average Daily Active Users (ADAU): This is the monthly or 30-day trailing DAU average. It's what most people mean when they talk about DAU.
  • Daily new users and daily returning users: There are new users and returning users inside DAU. They add up to total DAU, but independently, they allow gaming companies to track how quickly the platform attracts new users and keeps them returning. So how to increase daily active users? Read more to find the best strategies.
  • Weekly Active Users (WAU): DAU calculated over a week is called WAU.
  • Monthly Active Users (MAU): DAU calculated over a month is MAU. The ratio DAU multiplied by MAU evaluates how sticky your gaming product is or how frequently players interact with it.

OptiKPI is a marketing automation software that lets you calculate multiple DAUs with ease. Once you insert your data into our platform, we help you acquire every vital metric. Read more in this Blog article: Metric: Numbers don't lie!

Why should you care about your (DAU) daily active users?

DAU is important analytics for measuring product stickiness and growth potential. It answers the question, "How many users find your gaming platform interesting enough to use it daily?" The faster that figure rises, the more potential revenue will increase. However, when used as a stand-alone statistic, DAU might be deceiving.

Daily Active Users metric serves as a measure of product health. Depending on the activity you choose to measure, DAUs can give important information about how users engage with your gaming app/ site. For example, it may assist you in determining which activities your users like and which features are popular. How to increase daily active users is one of the most critical questions that gaming firms have in mind, the solution is the real game-changer. 

What is the difference between DAU and other engagement metrics?

The number of Daily Active Users shows you how many visitors are looking at your gaming site, indicating the number of prospective players. Make sure to monitor and evaluate the result with other indicators. DAU may serve as the foundation for a range of analytics marketing. Refer to the amount of Daily Active Users as a starting point, not the entire mission.

Some of the important corresponding metrics to DAU are Active Users amount in a week (WAU), in a month (MAU), games played, wins, returning users, inactive users, quantity of First Time Depositors on the platform, or whatever your gaming app or website offers. When you mix DAU with other engagement metrics, you can find the actual performance of your gaming business.

For example, a casino with 10k active users might seem small compared with 200k active users. But, increased DAU doesn't necessarily mean an increase in profit! The business performance of the small casino might generate more profit than the big casino. Hence, you should always dig deep into other metrics to analyze the actual situation.

OptiKPI helps you to analyze your business performance to the core. It is an intelligent marketing automation software that allows gaming operators to understand their position in the market. And also empower them to achieve business goals with a sustainable marketing approach. With OptiKPI, you can compute FTD rate, GGR, and all-important business metrics in a single dashboard.  You may also have doubts about how to increase daily active users on apps or how to increase monthly active users; fret not apps or sites, days or months; OptiKPI supports them all.

Six quick tips on how to increase Active Users:

We prepared dedicated Blog articles for you with use cases; refer to them for more details.:

Above are some of the most effective strategies to increase active users.

How can you use OptiKPI to track, monitor, and boost your DAUs?

Unlike other software, OptiKPI is a one-stop solution for all marketing challenges for your gaming platform. It is highly effective for games since it was created only to handle gaming products. You can keep track of all major statistics with a single button click. Compare and analyze to understand your business performance. Once a promotional message is sent along with a CTA link through our software, you can know the exact number of

  • Sent (number of messages sent)
  • Delivered (number of messages delivered successfully)
  • Opened (number of opens)
  • Converted (Call To Action link - success clicks in percentage)

How does OptiKPI can boost your Daily Active Users metric?

Relevant communication.

Offers offered to players in the heat of the moment are known as real-time bonuses. When a player is on to something, OptiKPI automatically detects them. It provides them with the most appropriate incentives, increasing your chances of winning. Real-time relevant incentives will allow a gaming platform to offer its best promos to the right audience at the right time, resulting in a massive marketing return on investment. OptiKPI is more than a marketing automation platform; it provides a sustainable marketing approach for a long-term growth. We help you create a gaming brand with good reputation!

Persistent messaging.

OptiKPI guarantees that processes are streamlined and targeted to their most significant potential. It makes the most of every marketing by reaching the correct audiences and effectively breaching them. So, how do casino operators benefit from marketing campaigns? Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing campaigns powered by OptiKPI allow casino operators to contact users worldwide. You can create a customized, one-of-a-kind experience for each consumer with a single click. Send promotional messages across multiple communication channels. Bulk messaging and targeting specific players based on their behavior - all is possible with us! Set the stage, then divert user attention towards your business end. Our marketing automation software is available 24 / 7.