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OptiKPI: Meet our Talents (Episode #2)

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Meet our Talents - This interview segment will feature interesting exchanges and facts on everyday professionals in the software industry.

OptiKPI: Meet our Talents (#1st Episode)

In this episode, we would like you to meet our Senior Architect, Mr. Gopal. He is our mastermind who builds OptiKPI behind the scene.

Self Intro:

“Hi, this is Gopal. I’m a TechLead / TechArchitect and work on DevOps at OptiKPI. So, wherever technical stuff is needed, I’ll be there.”

Q: What was your first job?

It is pretty interesting— I began my career as a marketing executive, convincing people to join colleges. I also worked part-time in a painting garage; that is when I started learning to code parallelly. So my career was full of adventures!

Q: Fun fact about you:

I love traveling, nature, and exploring new places. I have gone on numerous road trips in the past. I find Forests and Oceans appealing; I’m an adventure seeker who loves to drive a lot.

Q: What are your hidden talents?

Confronting challenges is my strong zone. Finding and solving complex problems is what I do in my daily life.

Q: Any interesting episode of your life?

Every episode in my life has been an adventure for me. Even my career path was a fascinating one. I’ve been through many exciting battles in my life, and I’ve come out on top of it. I still face challenges daily, but you know what? I find them all interesting.

Q: What are your challenges in daily work?

As I said, I love confronting challenges! We live among challenges, and every minute brings us new challenges. Now it is analyzing, executing data, and combining machine learning on top of data.

Q: Why OptiKPI? What makes it different?

At OptiKPI, we work on automating every complex data flow and filter them to perfection. Our highly sophisticated automation engines bring you intelligent analysis and accurate data. We always work on improving our engines at the core so our customers can get the best performance and safety.

My motto: Nothing is Impossible! Contribute something to technology!! Never stop learning!!!